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Five Office Ltd is a Swiss Service Provider with a network of over 1000 External Experts mostly Medical Doctors, Pharmacists and Scientists based all over the world.
Five Office Ltd has been founded in 1978 and is dedicated to three main areas:
  Medical Translation
  Clinical Research (Phase I to IV)
  Regulatory Affairs
  Health Marketing and Communication

Medical translation
The easiest way to listen or to speak to the international scientific community is a Five Office translation. A translation has to be loyal with respect to the original, meet the highest standards of the specific field of expertise, such as oncology or genetic engineering, and has to be written in a completely professional way. Scientific writers use clear and unequivocal language.
At Five Office they write exclusively in their mother tongue.
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Translation and quality
Scientific competence and editing expertise since 1978
Over 300 pharmaceutical companies, university departments and PR-agencies are Five Office clients.
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, all other European languages, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
Translation of scientific information, slogans, websites, manuals etc.
High speed delivery
Quality control
High Five quality specials: medical check, regulatory check, advertising support, proof reading, desktop
Easy, friendly, fair prices
Quality performance
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Free translation
We are happy to translate for you one sentence for free. Please indicate the language and the deadline.
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High Five price reduction
Profit now from our medical translation service. Every 5th, 15th and 25th of each month, we offer you a price reduction of 5% on translations. Contact us now!

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Five Office Ltd
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